Instructional Programs

The delivery of education and training programs in line with the economic and social objectives of the BIMS is an important part of the mission of the College. The National Campus is primarily responsible for the delivery of associate degree and third-year level certificate of achievement programs. The four State Campuses are primarily responsible for the delivery of programs that address the individual needs of their states. These needs include teacher education (up to associate degree level), vocational education, and certificate programs aimed to upgrade basic and specific skills, remedial English, and short-term training. The College remains flexible to meet expressed needs.

All students are required to take the BIMS Entrance Test (BIMSET) as part of the admission process. The results of this test determine the level at which students begin their program of study and placement in English and math courses.

All 100 level courses, with the exception of Electrical Officers Course, have divisional placement to Advanced Reading as a prerequisite. Degree students may place into developmental English (ESL 089, ESL 099) or math (MS 096, MS 099) or test into Achieving College Excellence (ACE) and must successfully complete this series of courses before continuing with 100 level courses. Therefore, students may spend the first semester or two in developmental coursework before beginning study in their major program.