Be equipped for life

No matter how fast the world changes, a career at sea will stand you in excellent stead. It starts with funded learning and specialist training, both at sea and on-shore. Along the way you'll work with cutting-edge technologies, developing a raft of practical and technical skills. And find yourself equipped with the confidence to lead a team, take charge and enjoy living life to the full. Because, with a career at sea, time off is measured in weeks and months — not days.

Time to find out more?

Worldwide travel. A close-knit team. Skills to last a lifetime. These are just some of the things that inspire people to embark on a career at sea. Read the stories to find out more about life and work in the Merchant Navy, at every level.

Capt. Adam Smith, Singapore

It’s challenging work, and as Captain I often have to solve problems in extreme conditions. Each rig move is different and brings its own sets of challenges, such as the weather conditions or the location. Anchor handling has taken me to all sorts of places – from the North Sea to South East Asia.

Sacha, Electro Technical Officer

“Although I’ve just started, I’m already glad I’ve chosen to follow this career path. I’m enjoying learning a new subject, and working alongside a lot of like-minded cadets has been a great experience”

Luke, 4th Engineer

It’s been a challenging few months, both academically and physically. I’ve met some great friends and pushed myself to new limits. My excitement for what the future holds is driving me to do as well as I can.

I haven’t worked at sea yet, but my first phase will be onboard floating accommodation vessels supporting the offshore energy industry. I’m very close to my family and friends, so it’s a bit daunting to be away from them for long periods. But they’re really happy to see me doing something that I love.

Alistair, 2nd Engineer

I first found out about the Merchant Navy when reading a newspaper article about it in The Shetland Times. The prospects of a good career, the chance to study and great wages are what really made me want to pursue a career at sea.

So I chose to embark on a cadetship called 2nd Engineer Unlimited. It appealed to me ultimately because it’s a challenging job involving a lot of problem solving, which is something I really enjoy. Since then I’ve sailed on Emergency Response and Rescue, Platform Supply and Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessels.

The most rewarding part of my Merchant Navy career so far has been when I’ve passed exams and progressed in my role. The most challenging bit has been the North Sea weather. And the best experience? That has to be winning the Chief Engineer’s quiz night.

My family are proud of my choice to follow a career at sea. But my friends aren’t too sure of what I do. The best way to sum it up is that we work hard and play hard.