What’s it like working as a Ship Master?

As the Master of a oceangoing ship, you have the ultimate responsibility not only for the safety and security of your ship, but also of its passengers, crew and the cargo. As the ship owner’s representative and effectively the vessel’s general manager, the Master’s purpose cannot be understated.

It’s a demanding role, usually requiring 24-week stretches onboard the ship, during which time the Master is on call 24 hours per day,

Deck Cadet

Able Bodied Seaman

What’s it like working as a Able-bodied seaman?

As a member of the deck crew, an Able-bodied Seaman (AB) has a varied role on board a ship, which is often physically demanding, and by its nature, all-weather.

Able Seamen, as with any seafaring role, have to balance their family and work lives as they can be at sea